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Transporting Your Video Game Console Safely

You have been invited by a friend for a local area network (LAN) game party at his house. You need your video game console to participate in the game. How do you transport your device safely to your friend's house, which is several miles away? Indeed, with all the high-technology that seventh-generation video game consoles boast of, they are still very much vulnerable to shock and temperature changes.

So, before you rush to your car and drive, or take the train and ride, you must pack your gadget properly first. If you do not have the original packaging, use a box that is large enough to house the entire console and line it with cushion-absorbing foam. Alternatively, you can buy a padded bag that is specially made to protect your unit during transport. Once you have your video game safely stowed in a box or bag, place it at the passenger seat beside you.

Next, when you drive, be careful and avoid large bumps and potholes, which could jar the console as the car rides over the obstacle. Look for long stretches of smooth road where there is considerably less vibration from the wheels. If you have to pass an uneven road or a large obstacle that will definitely shake and jar your car, decrease your speed. Finally, do not leave your console inside a closed car. Even in moderately warm days, the interior of the vehicle can become overbearingly hot. Such high temperature can damage the sensitive electronics in your unit.

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