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Some Wii Games for Mature Audiences

The more you get older, the more you should invest on something to entertain yourself. If you choose to punish yourself with excessive amount of personal or work-related stress, you may be fast tracking your way to more serious health and mental problems in the future. Now, if you are wondering what can adults do to amuse themselves, getting a Nintendo Wii should be a start.

Most people who have gone past their teenage years will not be all too entertained with kid-friendly games since they do not pose much of a challenge. More often than not, these kinds of players will be out looking for titles that will really test their mettle. Here are some M-rated Wii games that are definitely not intended for the weak of heart.

If you are into horror films, the first title on the list - Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - should be a good pick. Armed only with a torch, GPS, and the will to save your daughter from eerie monsters without being able to fight back, the game's objective is to teach you the word fear. Next comes something for those who secretly wish to become an assassin: No More Heroes. Containing tons of bloody scenes, sexy women, and profanities, this game is fun and hardcore. On the other hand, Wii titles like Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers use a bit of zombies and lots of sexy ladies' outfits to make it into the adult genre of video games. Topping the list of Wii games for adults is something that bears too much gore and violence in it that it has been banned in several countries: Manhunt 2. Now, whoever said Wii was only intended for kids?

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