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Health Benefits of Playing Wii

Wii is a video game console made by the giant video game manufacturer Nintendo. Unlike other consoles where users sit on the couch while playing the game, the Wii has digital sensors that allow users to play the game virtually. For instance, the player may have to stand in front of the TV and wave the controller around to mimic the motions used in playing tennis. Thus, while the game is virtual, the physical exertion that is needed to play the game is very real.

This concept of playing video games is so revolutionary that it has caught the attention of experts in the field of health and medicine. For instance, many researchers are considering using Wii as a therapeutic video game to treat children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy, a condition wherein one side of the body is paralysed. For many children, playing video games are more fun than attending standard therapy sessions and researchers believe that incorporating these games into their therapy program will make the children more receptive to therapy.

Another healthy benefit of playing Wii is that it helps people lose weight. According to a report by a well-established medicine journal, playing Wii can help people fight obesity. In that study, researchers determined that by doing a lot of movements to win in Wii games, test subjects burned three times as many calories versus playing hand-held video games. There are even cases wherein people playing Wii games 30 minutes a day lost 9 pounds after 6 weeks. Finally, playing Wii has a positive psychological impact that can help speed up recovery. That is because patients can enjoy doing something physically stimulating rather than simply lying down in bed.

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