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Decorating a Basement Game Room

Whether you have a family that prefers billiards or video games, an inviting room dedicated to their preferred activity can make everyone feel right at home. Furthermore,this area of the house also makes an ideal venue for parties. Written below is a guide on how to do this kind of home improvement project.

Start by picking a decorating theme that relates to the game room concept. When deciding on the latter, consider the types of games and activities that the family does together in this portion of the home and use it for inspiration.

Next, choose a colour palette that fits the theme you have selected. As you do this, you must also consider the kind of lighting that you will use. For instance, note that some basements are dark, making them ideal for lighter shades. Once you have settled on a colour, paint the walls by using a layer of primer followed by two thin coats. Make sure to let each application dry evenly.

When the paint has dried, begin adding the decorations. For this, you can use different types of décor - from game-themed murals to neon signs reminiscent of a pool hall. Alternatively, you may utilise old game boards or remnants of old video gaming systems in order to come up with fun three-dimensional wall hangings.

After you are through decorating, you can them proceed to determining the room's layout. To do this, make a sketch that will help you identify the areas for each type of activity. For example, you might have a cabinet to contain your television and video game set , a storage area, and a dart board.

Using Reproduction Advertising Signs as Game Room Decor

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