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The best games and the best of the airwaves; chipped consoles and DAB radio

For those that are unaware, Digital Audio Broadcasting is to radio what High Definition Television is to TV but instead of getting a crystal clear picture, you get crystal clear sounds. Although this new technology has not yet entirely replaced its predecessor FM radio in popularity, it's picking up new converts at a rapid pace due to its inherent superiority. The world of video games is not so different from that of radio in that it is constantly evolving as new products are released onto the market which change the way players feel about their games. The introduction of the Sony Playstation and the Nintendo Wii has revolutionized video games and one thing is for certain, we will never see games as child's play again.

DAB radiois the way of the future in regards to free to air audio pleasure, so don't wait any longer to experience what can only be described as the best listening experience around. For those that are tired of being restricted to regional settings on their game console and wish to play backups of their favourite games there's hope as modification chips and other accessories are easily found and purchased online through a reliable online gaming store. Speaking of accessories, any accessory or device you could possible imagine that will help you to get even more out of your audio experience is also easily located online and can be easily delivered to your door so don't miss out on the future of games or radio!

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